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  • The Best Shapewear for Every Body Type

  • 2023-09-13 11:51:41
  • When it comes to finding the right shapewear, one size definitely does not fit all. Your body type impacts what silhouettes and levels of control will make you feel your most confident and comfortable. With that in mind, here are recommendations for the best shapewear options tailored to flatter different figures.

    For Pear Shaped Bodies:

    Those with curvier hips and rears but a smaller bust often find tummy-controlling styles work best. Look for high-waisted boyshorts or trunks that smooth your midsection while accentuating your lower half. Minimize tummy overflow without cutting off leg circulation. Brands like Spanx and Shapermint offer solutions to balance your proportions. Boyshort styles with side sling fabrics are especially flattering.

    For Hourglass Figures:

    With an evenly curvy frame, you likely want shapewear that enhances your natural waist-to-hip ratio. Top brands to try are Maidenform, Spanx and SO. Maidenform's Mid-Thigh Shaper contours with four-way stretch fabric while slimming your middle. Spanx's hike-up tummy tucker thins your midsection seamlessly under fitted clothes.

    For Petite and Smaller Frames:

    Because petites have less space to work with, lightweight materials become key. Look for shaping bodysuits, bustiers or slips by Skims, Yummie and Juno & Co that mold without feeling bulky or restricting. Always check reviews to ensure seam placement won't gape or cut you off at an awkward spot. Emphasizing existing curves through subtle lumbar or bust support often looks most natural.

    For Larger Busts:

    Breast-sculpting styles by Cosabella, Anthropic and Wacoal provide fabulous lift without muffin-top spillage. Designed with bustier accents, side slings or underwire, they enhance your chest's shape beautifully. Tummy-control styles like Flippy Underbelly or Full Coverage Full Slip also prevent midsection overflow. Make sure bust areas are roomy enough to avoid squishing.

    For Straight Up-and-Down Figures:

    Those without defined curves may feel boxier shapes are most flattering. Look for moderate control items by Skims, Maidenform, Spanx and Jockey that smooth from top to toe. Control built into spanks or boyshorts can gently round out your rear and thighs for balanced proportions. Low-frills fabrics maintain a simple aesthetic.

    With solutions for all body types covered here, it's easier than ever to find shapewear that flatters your natural silhouette beautifully. Layering shaping pieces under the perfect outfits boosts confidence from the inside out.