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      • Does an affiliate earn commission if the referred user only registers an account but does not make a purchase?
      • No, an affiliate does not earn commission just for getting a user to register. Commission is only triggered when the referred user both places an order within 60 days of registering and has their order delivered and signed for. Registration alone does not qualify the affiliate for any payment - the user must complete an eligible transaction as well.

      • not place an order
      • How long does it take for my commission to be released/unfrozen?
      • Your earned commission will be released/unfrozen automatically after 60 days from the date that the referred user's order was signed for upon delivery by the courier. This 60 day period is a standard waiting time we implement to allow time for any potential returns or disputes to be handled. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our support team by email and we will be happy to assist you further.

      • After 60 days
      • How much commission can I earn after the referred user completes an order transaction?
      • You will receive a 10% commission on the actual payment amount of the order placed by the referred user. Once their order is paid for and completed successfully, you will be eligible to earn 10% of the total value of that transaction as your commission.

      • How much commission
      • Do I still earn a commission if the referred user cancels or returns their order?
      • No, you will not receive a commission in this case. Commission is only paid out upon successful completion of the order transaction. If the referred user cancels or returns their order, any frozen commission from that order will automatically be cancelled without payment. You must wait for the user to fully complete their purchase for the transaction to trigger commission - cancelled or returned orders do not qualify.

      • canceled or returned
      • Do I earn a commission if the friend I referred to Cozyfit Shop did not place an order?
      • No, you will not receive any commission in this case. Commission is only earned when the referred user makes a purchase on Cozyfit Shop. Since your friend did not place an order on Cozyfit Shop after registering, the referral did not result in a transaction. You must wait for the user to complete an order on Cozyfit Shop for the commission to be triggered. Simply registering without a subsequent purchase does not qualify for a payout.

      • invited get a commission
      • Can the earned commission be used to purchase any product on Cozyfit Shop?
      • Yes, the balance of your commission that is stored in your Cozyfit Shop wallet can be applied towards payment for any item available on the Cozyfit Shop website. Once the commission funds are released after the minimum period, you can use it to directly pay for your order checkout or future purchases on Cozyfit Shop.

      • commission be used
      • How to get the commission?
      • To earn commission on Cozyfit Shop, follow these steps:

        Copy your referral link from your Cozyfit Shop member dashboard.

        Send the link to friends to invite them to register as members.

        Check the member center to see if invites have successfully registered.

        View referral orders placed by registered friends in the order management section.

        See the total paid and commission amount owed for each order.

        Once orders are completed, commission will be transferred from frozen funds to your Cozyfit Shop wallet balance.

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